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HEB Custom & Mechanical provides a wide range of comprehensive plumbing services from emergency repair and service to plumbing system design and construction. We specialize in:

Emergency Repairs and Services

Remodels & New Construction
Radiant Heating

Emergency Repairs and Service
  • Blocked Drains/Clogged Sewers – We specialize in unblocking drains and sewers. Each type of blockage requires the right tool. Ordinary clogs might require a minor service call. For major blockages and root problems, we use a heavy-duty cable to clear pipes. Our experienced technicians know which machine and attachment will do the job thoroughly the first time. 
  • Repairs for Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures – Call us for repair of kitchen and bathroom fixtures like sinks, toilets and bathtubs. We offer a broad range of fixtures available from major manufacturers, or can install fixtures purchased elsewhere.
  • Low Water Pressure – Low water pressure can be both annoying and inconvenient. It may be caused by a problem in your neighborhood water system or due to a problem on your property. HEB Customs & Mechanical Plumbing will quickly determine the source and the best solution. If the problem is on your property, for example if the pipes are narrowed due to rust or mineral build-up, we may recommend copper re-piping. Or the problem may be as simple as a partially shut valve. HEB Customs & Mechanical Plumbing will find the best solution to restore normal water pressure in your home.
  • Earthquake Shut-Off Valves – Explosions and fires due to broken natural gas lines are one of the biggest sources of damage from earthquakes. An Earthquake Shut-off Valve will protect your home or business by shutting off the gas supply when it detects a quake strong enough to break gas lines. In many areas, an Earthquake Shut-off Valve must be installed before a building can be sold.  Call us to learn how you can protect your property and comply with legal requirements with an Earthquake Shut-off Valve.
  • Emergency Pipe Repair – If a pipe bursts, you want your water turned off fast! Look for a main valve outside, possibly located on an outside wall. There should also be a main valve on your property near the street or sidewalk (a special tool may be required to turn it off). Often this main valve is located in a buried box with a cement lid or metal lid. If you can’t turn off the water, call HEB Customs & Mechanical Plumbing for emergency service. Our staff can walk you through turning off the main valve and send a plumber to your property for repairs as quickly as possible.
  • Sump Pump Repair & Installation – If water is collecting in your basement or in low areas on your property, or if you need to force away sewage water, HEB Customs & Mechanical Plumbing will be happy to help you with sump pump repairs or installation. This is a specialized field that requires knowledge of pump ratings and the requirements of proper installation. Call us with your questions about sump pumps and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information. Back to the top of this page.
Remodels & New Construction
  • HEB Customs & Mechanical Plumbing will be happy to help you with your plans to remodel a bathroom or kitchen. Call us for ideas on newer plumbing techniques for saving money, energy and water. We can also recommend quality selections of faucets and fixtures. When remodeling a home or commercial building, it's important to hire a plumber with experience in older construction methods that may have been used in your building. With our nearly 25 years of experience, our technicians will speed your job along and save you money.  HEB Customs & Mechanical Plumbing has extensive experience with remodels on:
    • Restaurants
    • Laundromats
    • Custom Homes
    • Track Homes
    • Condominiums
  • New construction can require skills and experience beyond that needed for residential plumbing repair. As a fully licensed plumbing contracting company with considerable new construction experiences, HEB Customs & Mechanical Plumbing has the skills, manpower, and financial resources necessary to complete projects on time and on budget. Back to the top of this page.
Radiant Heating
  • HEB Customs & Mechanical Plumbing specializes in Radient Heating, a more efficient means of heating your home. Rather than forcing heated air up through heat registers in the corner of a room or down from the ceiling, Radiant Heating uses heated water in tubing throughout the floor in your home. It heats your living environment and not the air above you, keeping warmth down in your living space and saving money. Radiant Heating has the added benefit of reducing the spread of airborne allergens and germs in your home – with no continuous movement of air allergens are not circulated. Radient Heating systems can be installed in both new and older homes. Back to the top of this page.